Cucumber Salad

I have been eating meat almost everyday and I am kinda sick of meat. I need something to “refresh” my body and my appetite. So I immediately thought about the fresh cucumbers I had bought this morning from my local farmers market. I decided to make cucumber salad, which is very easy to make yet delicious to eat. What a great way to refresh my taste while still saving my time and money! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

We do not need many ingredients for this dish. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.


  • 1 lb of cucumbers
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Sesame seed (optional)
  • Chili sauce (optional)


  • Rinse the cucumbers carefully
  • Cut the cucumbers into half along the side
  • Take out all cucumber seeds
  • Slice cucumber into thin slices
  • Add 2 tbs to the cucumbers and wait for 10 minutes. Rinse the cucumbers carefully to get rid of the saltiness. This will soften the cucumbers a little bit. If you prefer crispy, fresh cucumbers, you can skip this step.
  • Add sugar and vinegar to the cucumbers to your taste. It should taste sweet and sour and a little bit salty.
  • Add roasted sesame seed (optional)
  • Add chili sauce (optional)
  • Mix everything gently so you don’t break the cucumbers.

This dish is served cold. My recommendation is that you mix the cucumbers right before you serve it so that there is no water coming out from the cucumbers.

And that’s it! You do not need to prepare anything, except cucumbers and still have a wonderful side dish for your family. So why don’t you try to make this dish today? I am sure your family will feel “fresher” after trying this cucumber salad.

Thank you for your visit. See you next time. ( ^_^)/


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