Matcha Ice Cream

All I wish for summer is something to cool off. Ice cream will be a perfect choice but it's so hot that I don't want to go outside. Instead I'll make ice cream at home so that I can still cool me off without going outside.
Let's start!

– 2/3 cup of heavy whipping cream (I recommend HEAVY whipping cream instead of whipping cream because it contains more fat, which will make your ice cream taste better and less ice)
– 1/3 cup of sweetened condensed milk
– 5 tsp milk (unsweetened)
– 1 tsp matcha powder (you an replace matcha powder with any powder you like, such as cocoa powder for chocolate ice cream, or you can omit it)

– Put the bowl in the freezer (the cold bowl will help the cream reach stiff peak faster)
– Warm up the milk in the microwave for 30s-1min
– Add the matcha powder and the condensed milk to the milk and mix well.
– Take the bowl out of the freezer
– Add heavy whipping cream to the bowl and whip until stiff peak
– Add the matcha mixture to the whipped cream and fold until they combine thoroughly.
– Pour the mixture into ice cream mold and put it in the freezer for 5-6 hrs until it set (if you don't have ice cream mold, you can pour the mixture into a food container and put it the freezer)

Super fast! Super easy! With three basic ingredients (heavy whipping cream, condensed milk and milk) you can make ice cream with any flavor you like.
I hope that you can give this recipe a try to make your summer cooler.
Thank you! Have a wonderful summer!


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